Hòa Bình sets goal of 4,800 fish cages in 2020

To reach the goal of cage farming in the Hoà Bình hydroelectric lake, the provincial People’s Committee should decide to establish a Steering Committee of aquatic resources development and protection program until 2020 and issue its directive of protecting and developing the existing aquatic resources in the province.

Head of the Hòa Bình Fisheries Sub-department Hoàng Văn Son said that the province has exploited its potential and advantages in aquaculture upon its practical policies and plan. The local fisheries sector has developed cage farming in large-scale areas especially in the Hòa Bình hydroelectric lake, making an effort to reach 4,800 fish cages by 2020 with output of 9,500 tons.

The province had 2,700 hectares of surface water for aquaculture by 2019, up 610ha compared to 2013) including small lakes and ponds, fields and basins.

There are now 4,670 fish cages (up 3,300 ones), bringing in more than 9,200 tons (up 5,200 tons compared to 2013) with 1,700 tons of captured fish and 7,500 tons of farmed fish, mainly spotted bagridae, yellow bagridae, US catfish, red tilapia, black carp and sturgeon. The province took in a 6,2% increase in production value of fishery.

Hòa Bình has now 15 facilities and households investing into 20 fish cages and some companies building advanced system of cages and rafts to rear fish in intensive and semi-intensive practices such as Mavin group, Việt Đức investment and trade JSC, Hải Đăng Ltd Co., Cường Thịnh, Hưng Nguyên. Nine of fifteen facilities are granted ATTP and VietGAP certificates.


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