Inventory of more than 200 tons of Sa Pa salmon which is priced more than 150,000 dong/kg

Sa Pa salmon was once priced at 260,000 dong/kg, it is now 160,000-170,000 dong/kg. There are around 250 tons of salmon not being sold.

Restaurants and hotels are closed due to the covid-19 pandemic, resulting in challenges faced by Sa Pa salmon facilities when struggling to look for buyers in the run-up to harvest.

Chairman of the Sa Pa cold water fish Đỗ Tiến Thắng said “there are 20 trucks transporting salmon to Hà Nội every year, even salmon that has not laid eggs. But the coronavirus spread has affected the Sa Pa salmon sector, resulting in 3-5 tons not being sold. If mature salmon is not sold, it will lay eggs and die itself. 

Chairman of the Lào Cai provincial cold water fish Society Phạm Bá Uyên said the province had over 150 cold water fish facilities, 8 of which are production facilities and nurseries with estimated volume of 55,000m3 in the first three months, mainly in Sa Pa, Bát Xát, and Văn Bàn districts and expected output of 375 tons.

Deputy Director of the Lào Cai provincial department of Agricul and Rural development Nguyễn Xuân Nhẫn said that the it was difficult to connect with supermarket system since Hà Nội authorities were implementing anti-epidemic measures. Thus, he hoped that experienced units could support salmon farming companies in Lào Cai with storage and freezing.


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