Nearly 1,000 tons of stagnant dried cuttlefish due to China’s halt of importing has been “released”

Dried cuttlefish has been stagnant for a while since China required direct export in stead of border trade. However, an increase in price is now “releasing”nearly 1,000 tons of dried cuttlefish in Quảng Nam.

In the afternoon of 15 July, Vice Chairman of Tam Giang Commune People’s Committee Phạm Văn Châu in Núi Thành district, Quảng Nam province said nearly 1,000 tons of dried cuttlefish, that had been stagnant, was sold out due to an increase in price.

In Châu’s opinion, with China’s requirement of dried cuttlefish to be sold by direct export in stead of border trade, local price of this products decreased by 50% to 70,000 dong/kg, leaving stagnant business of hundred tons of dried cuttlefish. Now an increase in price to 120,000 – 125,000 dong/kg has helped farmers earn some benefit.

“All stagnant dried cuttlefish have been sold out by traders who then export them directly to China and Thailand”, said Châu.

Meanwhile, Vice Chairman of NúiThành district People’s Committee Nguyễn Văn Thịnh confirmed local farmers overcame difficulties in selling 1,000 tons of dried cuttlefish after price increased again.

Besides Núi Thành district, farmers in Bình Minh commune of Thăng Bình district, Quảng Nam province) said 320 tons of stagnant dried cuttlefish had been sold to traders at 120,000 – 125,000 dong/kg.

China required some agricultural products including cuttlefish to be exported directly over a month ago, making local business struggle. Farmers in Núi Thành faced difficulties selling around 1,000 tons of dried cuttlefish while Bình Minh farmers 320 tons.

Under the circumstance, Quảng Nam People’s Committee sent an official document to Ministries of Industry and Trade, Agriculture and Rural Development, and Seafood Exporters and Producers Association to ask for their support in consuming nearly 1,000 tons of stagnant dried cuttlefish in An Hòa fishing port of Núi Thành district, Quảng Nam province as soon as possible.

Quảng Nam People’s Committee suggested Central sectors and ministries to negotiate with China’s authorities so that Vietnamese dried cuttlefish would be exported promptly. Companies, traders and ship owners must be instructed and enabled in production, purchasing and processing in accordance with value chain to satisfy requirements of importers. Investment promotion conference should be performed. Local companies should be advised to use dried cuttlefish as material for production so that farmers can consume theirs. Quảng Nam has 67 fishing boats with crew of more than 3,000 people involved in catching cuttlefish with annual production outcomes of around 5,000 tons.


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