Sao Ta’s Chairman: self-control 100% of shrimp material is impossible

After purchasing a 203ha shrimp farm, Sao Ta plans to produce 30-40% of shrimp materials that they need. However, a representative of Sao Ta said that self-control of 100% of shrimp material was impossible because the shrimp sector is small and spontaneous.

The Sao Ta Foods JSC has just suddenly announced the plan of expanding the shrimp farming area twice. The Company intends to invest 200 billion VND to increase the capital of Vĩnh Thuận Ltd.,Co and acquisite their shrimp farm so as to expand Sao Ta’s shrimp farming area up to 203 hectares.

Established in 2002, Vĩnh Thuận’s shrimp farm was the first one of Sóc Trăng granted ASC and BAP certificates. However, when shrimp were infected with serious diseases within 2010-2015, Vĩnh Thuận suffered from great losses and ran out of capital. As a result, they had to sell their shrimp farm due to high debt and recovery failure.

After the expansion, Sao Ta plans to have 520ha of shrimp farms and self-control 30-40% of shrimp material by 2024. It certainly depends on whether or not shrimp culture is convenient.

Thus, the acquisition speeds up Sao Ta’s plan of achieving 500ha of shrimp farming area by 2025.

When asked about the process of self-controlling 100% of shrimp material, Lực said that was impossible.

 “Totally self-control of 100% of shrimp material is impossible because the shrimp sector is small and spontaneous. Thus, buying shrimp from other areas is inevitable”, said Lực.

At this time, disease outbreak poses a high risk in the shrimp sector and forced Vĩnh Hiệp to sell their shrimp farm to Sao Ta.

In Lực’s opinion, lots of shrimp farms have been struggling with disease outbreaks in 2022, some must close. However, he said “the more difficulties there are, the more profit rate we can obtain”.

“Diseases are striking Sao Ta’s shrimp farm. However, they are under control thanks to effective biosafety methods. Sao Ta completely believes in the proper farming process and the Company can control risks very well. We are not afraid of difficulties”, said Chairman of Sao Ta.

Sao Ta is applying the shrimp farming techniques by two types of probiotics. The first one is poured directly into the farming pond, stays at the bottom of the pond and plays as “guards” who prevent harmful bacteria from taking the place. The second probiotics is mixed with feed and helps stimulate digestion of shrimps. 

Sao Ta is the unique company that can produce and apply these two types of probiotics.


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