Shrimp exports to the Netherlands are forecasted to increase by the end of this year

As of Oct 15, 2020, Vietnamese shrimp exports to the Netherlands reached more than $111 million, up nearly 12% from the same period last year. A decline in exports was attributed to the Tet Holiday period in January; however, sales to the Netherlands were recorded to increase consecutively and reach the peace in September with a 31% increase.  

Exports of Vietnamese shrimps to the Netherlands in August and September increased sharply as compared to the previous months, partly attributed to the positive effect of entry into force of EVFTA in early August.

There are 65 Vietnamese companies selling shrimps to the Netherlands. Vietnamese shrimps going to this market are mainly frozen steamed PD black tiger shrimps, frozen Nobashi black tiger shrimps, frozen fresh HLSO white leg shrimps, frozen Nobashi white leg shrimps, frozen boiled sushi white leg shrimps, frozen fresh PTO black tiger shrimps, frozen boiled IQF, iced PTO white leg shrimps, PD white leg shrimps, and frozen fresh IQF.

According to statistics by the International Trade Center (ITC), imports of shrimps to the Netherlands reached $352.8 million in the first seven months of the year, down 2.8% as compared to the same period last year. Morocco is the largest supplier of shrimps to the Netherlands, accounting for 20% of total shrimps going into this country. The seconds and the third is Vietnam and India, accounting for 16% and 13% of the market share respectively. Exports of Vietnamese shrimps to the Netherlands in quarter IV and this year are forecasted to increase.


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