Shrimp production in chain to meet import market requirements of US

The workshop between the US and Vietnamese agencies about taking Vietnam’s shrimps into US market is expected to obtain high economic value.

In Janury, 2019, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United States John Kerry paid his working visit to Vietnam. Seafood Watch (SW) selected Private Sector Development Committee (Dept. IV – Prime Minister’s Advisory Council of Administrative Procedure Reform) as their partner who would be in charge of advising Vietnam’s Government in terms of commercial shrimp requirements to penetrate the US market.

For sustainable development of Vietnamese shrimp, SW and Dept. IV gave their solutions during the workshops titled “Shrimp production in chain to meet import market requirements of the US” from February 22 – 24 in Sóc Trăng, Trà Vinh and Cà Mau.

The workshop results will be discussed during the suggesting session of Vietnam Economic Forum (ViEF) before reporting to the Prime Minister in the Plenary Session which is planned to take place in March 2019 in Hanoi.

Nguyễn Đức Tùng, Office Manager of Private Sector Development Committee of Dept. IV said: “To achieve 10 billion USD in shrimp exports by 2025, Vietnam has to create a chain in farming, processing, exporting and standardizing. We are working with SW and hoped that they would give us some advices of standardizing shrimp farming’ process and creating a chain of post larvae, farmers, banks, feed, and services”.

Upon standards by SW, Dept IV and local authorities of Sóc Trăng, Trà Vinh, Cà Mau will make some trials and select farmers, feed supplier, bank, and facilities to create a closed chain in accordance with standards. Firstly, 10-50 growing ponds will be taken as examples to assure Vietnamese commercial shrimps meet yellow or green cards to penetrate the US market. SW will take some US traders to Vietnam so that they will decide high quality supplier to buy Vietnamese shrimp.

Võ Quang Huy, Chairman of Mỹ Thanh, Sóc Trăng Shrimp Society confirms: “The Society will build a group of supervisors, who decide qualified shrimp farmers and ask them to participate the chain. Farmers can approach the bank’s loan, find traders and share risks for the development of Vietnam’s shrimp sector”.

“As the Bank and the Market work together, processor and service providers can play their roles in this chain”, said Huy.


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