Vietnam to produce collagen derived from local jellyfish

The Institute of Marine Environment and Resources under the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology has completed the technology procedure and successfully produced collagen with the purity up to more than 80% from jellyfish.

This is a part of the subproject “Research the technology of applying enzyme in producing collagen from Vietnam jellyfish resources” under the Project of Development and Application of biotechnology in processing up to 2020 managed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

The group of scientists in charge of the project picked four species of jellyfish which are in large reserves and mainly exploited in Vietnam’s coastal areas: Rhopilema hispidum, Rhophilema esculentum, Lobonema smithii and Crambione mastigophora. After being exploited, those jellyfish are preliminarily treated to meet the standards of collagen extraction. After conducting many technologies at the same time, the researchers realized that the efficiency of applying enzyme technology in extracting collagen is the highest.

When applying the technology of enzyme pepsin 0.1%, the efficiency of extraction reached 10.11%; meanwhile the efficiency of traditional chemical methods is 6-7%. The duration is shortened from 5 days (with chemical method) to 24 hours (enzyme method). In terms of application and economic efficiency, the enzyme pepsin technology has proven its real advantages. The scientists would study the precipitation and lyophilization of collagen and build a technology process to experimentally produce collagen, 1,000 kg of material over a batch.

Nhóm nghiên cứu đã ký hợp đồng với hai đơn vị sản xuất trong nước để sản xuất thử nghiệm collagen dạng bột có độ tinh khiết trên 80% và dạng viên với hàm lượng 200 mg, nhằm đánh giá hiệu quả thu hồi collagen từ các quy trình công nghệ khác nhau, từ đó tìm ra phương án sản xuất tối ưu trên quy mô công nghiệp.Qua tính toán, việc áp dụng quy trình sản xuất collagen từ sứa biển sẽ đem lại giá trị lợi nhuận rất cao, góp phần nâng cao tỷ lệ các sản phẩm giá trị gia tăng, hạn chế các sản phẩm chế biến thô.

The researchers signed a contract with two domestic producers to experimentally produce collagen powder with purity up to more than 80% and collagen pallet 200mg so as to evaluate the efficiency of collagen extraction with different technologies, and then determine the best method. The extraction of collagen from jellyfish will bring a high economic value, contributing to increasing the number of value-added products and eliminating low-value products.

The result of the subproject paves a new way in taking advantage of Vietnam’s aquatic resources, enabling production facilities (seafood processing companies) to approach new technologies and equipment and expand their production. Moreover, this helps increase the value of jellyfish and diversify processed products, satisfying the demand of domestic consumers and exporters.


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