Vĩnh Long: Prices of pangasius increase, but farmers fail to earn profit

In November, prices of material pangasius rose to a peak of 22,500 dong/kg, up 2,500 dong/kg and equal to 12.5% of the previous month, and up 2,000 dong/kg as compared to the same period last year.

According to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vĩnh Long, this price was still low, making farmers earn no profit or break even. Meanwhile, prices of red tilapia rose to a peak at 36,000 dong/kg, and now stayed at 34,000 dong/kg, leaving some profit to farmers.

In general, the province’s harvested seafood output reached around 8,990 tons in November, leaving an accumulation value of 127,638 tons, reaching 94.4% of the plan and decreasing by 1,643 tons as compared to the same period last year. The output of farm-raised species reached 121,512 tons (down 1,628 tons), and the output of pangasius from intensive farms reached 87,552 tons (down 1,969 tons as compared to the same period last year).

Competent authorities gave warnings that fishes may be susceptible to infection at this shoulder season where temperatures and environmental factors are changeable, resulting in poor quality of water in rivers. Thus, farmers should adopt prevention measures.


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