Since the first issue was published on 24th July 2008, Vietnam Fisheries Magazine has published thousands of issues about the fisheries sector and those who are passionate about shrimp and fish ponds.

The leaders of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development visit the Traditional room of the General Departure of Fisheries, which displays issues of Vietnam Fisheries Magazine.

Grown and well-managed

13 years ago, the Editor-in-Chief of Vietnam Fisheries Magazine, journalist Duong Xuan Hung and his colleagues released the first publication of the fishery industry – an important industry of domestic agriculture.

Vietnam Fisheries Magazine was born during the boom of many publications of other industries. However, the magazine was still highly appreciated by experts, managers, and readers. Vietnam Fisheries Magazine made a great impression on the readership with qualified content and image. It is the reason why the Journal got the cooperation of ‘big players’ in the industry, especially shrimp and pangasius businesses and various companies producing animal feed and drugs for seafood soon afterward.

As for economic stability, Vietnam Fisheries Magazine has increased the number of pages and text sizes to raise the position of the newspaper.

Developing in the era of booming technology, Vietnam Fisheries Magazine quickly updates the trend. Besides focusing on each printed publication, the Managing Board of Vietnam Fisheries Magazine has created a website: The website with diverse content and forms attracts a huge number of daily hits and receives positive feedback from readers. Soon after this, the English website had also been introduced to international readers and got an impressive number of visits.

Despite not being in the top of the best seller publications on newsstands, Vietnam Fisheries Magazine is one of the few publications placed solemnly in the VIP lounge of Vietnam Airlines. Especially, the magazine is considered as an original specialized publication because it still maintains the beginning policy which only reflects the fisheries sector without posting shocking news or articles of others to attract the readers. 

Additionally, Vietnam Fisheries Magazine also successfully built other publications and special issues such as ‘Con Tôm’, ‘Thế giới Gia Cầm’, ‘Người Chăn nuôi’ to give information about the agricultural industry of Vietnam. At the same time, events of national stature and international influence are also successfully organized by the Journal. Among them, Vietnam Fisheries Golden Quality Award, Aquaculture International Fair (VietShrimp) are must-list. 

Journalist Tran Ba Dung, Head of the Professional Affairs Division under the Vietnam Journalists’ Association affirmed that Vietnam Fisheries Magazine is one of the few magazines that has developed well without any subsidy. The magazine has a team of highly qualified, professional reporters and editors. Along with that, the quality and professional competence of the Journal are increasingly improved.

The Editor-in-Chief, journalist Duong Xuan Hung emphasized: Before the new threshold of the 4.0 technology era, Vietnam Fisheries Magazine strives to build a more modern, professional, trending press system to release more qualified newspaper publications; in-depth, informative, and far-sighted articles to domestic and foreign readers.


A deep gratitude

The success of Vietnam Fisheries Magazine is attributed to the far-sighted vision of the Managing Committee led by Journalist Duong Xuan Hung- Editor-in-Chief and the enthusiasm, studiousness of the collaborators, reporters, and staff. But above all, it is the concern of leaders of ministries, branches, Vietnam Fisheries Society, and so on.

We deeply appreciate the accompanying businesses in the past few years since establishment. Experiencing considerable difficulties in both the industry and economy, they still strongly support Vietnam Fisheries Magazine. This is a strong motivation for our editorial office to achieve impressive achievements.

In the last 13 years, we have become companions supporting each other on the path to achieving success. Also, it is a great honor that Vietnam Fisheries Magazine has become an important part of their development process.

To repay the faith of branches, managers, businesses, farmers – fishermen, and readers, Vietnam Fisheries Magazine is changing strategic orientation to bring a new ‘face’ but still ensure the content of an exclusive publication of the seafood industry. 

There are still many things to share but we will turn them into actions and positive changes in our publications. Vietnam Fisheries Magazine will continue to release thousands of articles to readers in the future.

On the occasion of the first issue published on 24/07/2008 – 24/07/2021, Vietnam Fisheries Magazine would like to express deep gratitude to policymakers, Vietnam Fisheries Society, seafood businesses, domestic and international readers.


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