Anti-dumping duty on pangasius going to the US sharply decreases

On April 20, the Department of Commerce of the US (DOC) issued an official result of the 15th period of review (POR15), which ran from Aug 01, 2017 to July 31, 2018 to review Vietnamese pangasius going to the US.

The final duty imposed on enterprises that took the questionnaire and partnered DOC is 0.15 USD/kg (proportionate to 3.8% of the exporting price). The others will be imposed 2.39 USD/kg, which is the same as what was resulted from the POR14 (1.37 USD/kg). Besides, most big Vietnamese pangasius exporters (Vĩnh Hòa, Biển Đông) continue to benefit the duty 0%.

DOC is proceeding the POR16. The Ministry of Industry and Trade suggests that Vietnam’s related exporters should consider to partner and provide DOC with full information and precise data for their evaluation and analysis; otherwise they may use the questionnaire which may lack information.


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