Bến Tre farmers hesitate in stocking shrimp amid drought and salt intrusion

The drought, salt intrusion and summer heat in the first six months of the year makes Bến Tre’s farmers hesitate in stocking shrimps or delay stocking compared to the same period last year.

Besides, the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in a slump in prices of shrimp material and companies reducing their purchase of shrimp material. This has made local farmers hesitate in stocking.

Trịnh Quốc Toàn, Head of the Agriculture and Rural Development Office in Bình Đại district, proposed that the agriculture sector should provide farmers with technology solutions to help them adapt increasingly harsh changes such as expanding hi-tech shrimp cultivation practice with 2 phases, reduction in changing water during the dry season.

Training courses of transferring technology and science must be held, especially the process of using environmental-friendly biotechnology products to assure sustainable development must be introduced to farmers.

Đặng Văn An, in Thạnh Phong commune, Thạnh Phú district, said that regardless of salt intrusion, drought and summer heat, shrimp farms had not impact because the application of the 2 phase hi-tech shrimp cultivation model helped them well control the environment and reduce disease outbreak.

Nguyễn Hữu Lập, Vice Chairman of Bến Tre People’s Committee, said that the province saw a growth of 2-3% in agriculture, forestry and seafood sector in the region I but forecasted to decrease by 1.8% in the first six months of the year. In his opinion, there is no other solution than seafood development to grow the region I, especially hi-tech shrimp cultivation.

He proposed to expand to 1,500 ha of 2-3 phase hi-tech shrimp cultivation farms. New technology should be improved and applied to achieve high efficiency in shrimp cultivation. Research of foreign markets and domestic markets is necessary to satisfy consumers’ demand.

He asked leaders of districts to direct communes and areas related to intensive and semi-intensive shrimp farming to give schedule, manage, and direct farmers to stock effectively, especially assure postlarvae quality.


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