Cooperate to develop a supply chain of organic fish

On July 24, the Fisheries Department of Vietnam National University of Agriculture (VNUA) and its partners entered into a contract of overall cooperation for the development of organic fish supply chain

With an aim to provide consumers with organic and safe products from farm to table, Ca Sach Vietnam JSC, VNUA’s Fisheries Department and Hai Duong TongWei Company Ltd entered into a partnership to deal with difficulties in providing broodstocks, feed and culture technique, caring, handling disease outbreak, transferring technology, sharing information, training and providing skillful workers.

In particular, VNUA’s Fisheries Department will provide consultancy of selecting the farming environment, broodstocks, feed, mapping out a caring system and disease prevention method, and giving regular treatment methods to specific diseases that farm-raised fish might catch.

Besides, scientists from the department will provide consultancy exploitation, preservation and transportation, suggest suitable medicines and probiotics, and provide training courses.

Hai Duong Tongwei will be responsible for supplying qualified and suitable feed upon contracted schedule, accompanying partners in researching and developing techniques given by VNUA’s Fisheries Department.

Ca Sach Vietnam will consume products and accompany Hai Duong Tongwei to promote products in Vietnam’s feed market.

Deng Xiao Hua, who’s in charge of TongWei’s overseas affairs said: “VNUA has advantages of human resource, techniques of disease detection and treatment while TongWei is good at feed, probiotics and technique and AnvietFish’s strengths are collecting broodstocks, harvesting and exclusively selling products. Customers can easily trace the quality of broodstock and deliverables. Those enable farmers to improve their farming techniques, enhancing competitiveness and providing credible products to our society”.

In the face of increasing demand in quality and developed products, an entirely closed system is paid special attention. Thus, the cooperation between three parties will create a basis to boost Vietnam’s fisheries industry, especially the organic fish sector.


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