Complete compensation for Formosa damage to locals by June 30

This is the request of Deputy Prime Minister Trương Hoà Bình at the seventh meeting of the Steering Committee on stabilizing the lives and production of people in four central provinces which affected by last year’s environmental incident caused by Taiwanese firm Formosa.

He has urged the four central coastal localities affected by last year’s environmental incident to complete compensation by June 30 this year.

Up to this time, four affected provinces have distributed the third prepayment. As of April 24, the provinces disbursed VNĐ 4.244 trillion ($186.6 million), equivalent to 93.7 per cent of the approved amount and 80.4 per cent of the total advance payment.

So far, four affected provinces have destroyed nearly 1,104 tonnes of unsafe seafood in storage, paying 50 per cent of its value to affected individuals and organizations.

Production and living conditions of locals in four provinces are basically stabilized, and fishery resources have recovered. As many as 70-80 per cent of the vessels operating near the coast have resumed operation, while the figure is 80-90 per cent for offshore fishing boats.

After considering the provinces’ request for VNĐ 796,926 billion (about $34 million) of additional compensation, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) proposed the Government pay 30 per cent of the value of stocked frozen seafood meeting food safety requirements.

The ministry also asked for approval for the destruction and compensation of 100 per cent of the value of rotten jellyfish and dried seafood stored in coastal localities at an estimated cost of VNĐ 377.448 billion ($16.61 million).

Responding to this request, Deputy PM Trương Hoà Bình assigned the chairmen of the people’s committees of the four provinces to take responsibility for determining the beneficiaries and the quantity and scale of compensation, while proving the seafood was gathered within April and August last year.

He asked the Ministry of Finance to supervise the work.

The Deputy PM also requested the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment continue guiding localities to gather samples for evaluating seawater quality in the four localities, while monitoring Formosa Hà Tĩnh’s operations.

The MARD was asked to continue collecting seafood, seawater and sediment samples for testing.

Nam Anh

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