“As aquaculture continues to play a vital role in global food production, it is essential to create platforms that facilitate global knowledge-sharing and collaboration,” said Robert Saik, Founder and CEO of AGvisorPRO. “We are excited to partner with Aqua Farm 2024 to provide attendees with access to our platform empowering them to drive innovation and sustainability. The key to the AGvisorPRO platform is that it elevates the Aqua Farm 2024 event into a year-round community enhancing the connectivity of the aquaculture sector.”

AGvisorPRO’s involvement as the official community platform for Aqua Farm 2024 promises to enhance the conference experience, offering attendees a comprehensive suite of features to connect, collaborate, and learn. From expert-led discussions to peer networking opportunities, workshops, roundtables, and discussions, the AGvisorPRO platform will serve as a catalyst for meaningful dialogue and collaboration among participants. 

“Aqua Farm 2024 ( are thrilled to partner with AGvisorPRO for Aqua Farm 2024 and beyond,” said Roy D Palmer, Association of International Seafood Professionals. “AGvisorPRO’s robust platform will provide attendees with a dynamic and interactive community space to engage with peers, access expert guidance, and explore solutions that can drive positive change within the aquaculture industry into the future. Additionally, we are keen to promote other key exhibitors at the event who will be able to contribute in various ways. Aqua Farm 2024 also welcomes ARB SmartBar (ARB), AVN Worldwide Marine Services (AVN) who represent a range of exceptional marine brands in the Australian and New Zealand markets and (AMS).”

ARB is an Australian polymer specialist, and excels in rotational moulding, leveraging automotive insights to drive our innovation. They are integral to ARB 4X4 accessories and have a passion for roto-moulded products which extends beyond automotive. Their diverse, high-quality offerings, crafted with agile processes, exceed Australian standards across industries like aquaculture, agriculture, and automotive. Locally designed, engineered, and manufactured, their portfolio ensures resilience against all harsh environments. ARB offer quality guarantees for cutting-edge solutions tailored to withstand the toughest conditions in the agri-business area. 

AVN understand the importance of delivering innovative solutions that enhance the performance, efficiency and sustainability of marine operations which has resulted in them partnering with renowned brands such as AMCO VEBA Marine Cranes, Italdraghe propulsion and dredging equipment, and Sonica Propellers. They collaborate with experts from the Netherlands, Italy, and Australia creating a global network that allows AVN to leverage the expertise and knowledge of professionals in each region, to ensure that they deliver the highest standards of quality and service to their customers.

AMS has numerous international patents covering the growing of essential shellfish in moulds (pods) and they have established a Show Farm in the Bay of Islands in New Zealand which sells branded “Qysters” into the New Zealand market, achieving premium returns from Pacific Oysters grown to full market size in around 10 months. A new development is for Sydney Rock Oysters and trials indicate great results without any over catch issues. AMS brings benefits to shellfish producers and besides engaging in that area they are looking to expand their horizons with international patents and investors.

This is just a brief overview of some of the differences that Aqua Farm 2024 is engaging so lots of reasons to make the trip to the Gold Coast 14-17 May 2024.


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