Thang Long Group Operates the First Aquatic Feed Factory in the North

On the morning of May 21 at Cong Hoa Industrial Park, Chi Linh City, Hai Duong Province, Thang Long Group held the inauguration ceremony of Thang Long Hai Duong Biotechnology Co., Ltd., officially putting the key aquatic feed factory of the North into operation.

Chuang Jie Cheng, General Director of Thang Long Group, expressed sincere gratitude to the Vietnamese Government, the leaders of Hai Duong Province, and the partners who have always accompanied, trusted, and supported the Group throughout the years. This is the motivation for the Group to continuously develop and expand production to become the best aquatic feed producer in Vietnam.

Delegates attended the inauguration ceremony

“If the factory in Hai Duong goes into operation, the Group will have 13 shrimp feed production lines, 9 fish feed production lines with a capacity of 700,000 tons/year. Besides the consumption market in Vietnam, the Group’s products are also exported to countries such as Malaysia, India, Thailand, Laos, the Philippines, etc.” – shared Mr. Chuang Jie Cheng.

Chuang Jie Cheng expressed his sincere gratitude to the delegates

Dự kiến năm 2024, Tập đoàn có thể đạt tiêu thụ 650 nghìn tấn thức ăn và 1,5 tỷ con giống, 150 tỷ chế phẩm sinh học với tổng doanh thu ước đạt 720 triệu USD. Bên cạnh đó, Tập đoàn Thăng Long sẽ tập trung đầu tư sản xuất con giống như tôm thẻ, tôm sú, cá điêu hồng, cá rô phi; đồng thời đẩy mạnh mô hình kỹ thuật nuôi để giúp nâng cao tỷ lệ sống, giúp giảm giá thành trong nuôi trồng, góp phần nâng cao hiệu quả cho ngành hàng thủy sản.

The Group expect to produce 650,000 tons of feed and 1.5 billion breeds, 150 billion biological products with a total estimated revenue of 720 million USD this year. In addition, Thang Long Group will invest into the production of breeds such as whiteleg shrimp, black tiger shrimp, red tilapia, and tilapia; while promoting the technical farming model to help increase the survival rate, reduce farming costs, and improve the efficiency of the aquatic sector.

Nguyen Van Huynh, Vice Chairman of Chi Linh City People’s Committee, delivered a speech.

In his speech, Nguyen Van Huynh, Vice Chairman of Chi Linh City People’s Committee, congratulated Thang Long Group for soon putting the factory in Hai Duong into operation. As such, over 250 workers in and outside the province are provided with jobs.

“With the above-mentioned goals and scale, it will help accelerate the economic structure transition of Hai Duong Province towards increasing the proportion of industry, construction, and service trade, meeting many new product lines of aquatic feed, better serving the aquaculture industry. In addition, Chi Linh City leaders also suggested that the company strictly comply with current legal regulations on environmental hygiene, labor safety, and employee welfare. The local government commits to always accompany the company throughout its operation, creating the most favorable conditions for investors to achieve high business efficiency.” – emphasized Huynh.

Tran Cong Khoi, Head of Breeding and Aquatic Feed Department, Directorate of Fisheries, congratulated the Group.

Tran Cong Khoi, Head of the Breeding and Aquatic Feed Department, Department of Fisheries, highly appreciated the significant contributions of Thang Long Group in the aquaculture chain such as breeds, feed, models, meeting the legal requirements of the fishery law, thereby helping to elevate the national fishery industry to the global level.

The delegates cut the ribbon at the inauguration event.

Currently, Thang Long Group invests in 5 feed factories in Vietnam located in Long An, Khanh Hoa, Vinh Long, and Hai Duong; 2 shrimp hatcheries in Ninh Thuan with a capacity of 3 billion breeds/year; 1 tilapia and red tilapia hatchery in Soc Trang Province with a capacity of 200 million fish breeds/year. In 2023, the production output of Thang Long Group reached 560,000 tons, with a revenue of 670 million USD.

Some images at the inauguration ceremony:


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