Facilitate agriculture development and sustainable shrimp farming

The Dutch Daysevent with title “for the sustainable future of Mekong Delta” was opened in November 9-10 in CầnThơ with workshops about agriculture development and sustainable shrimp farming.

According to managers, scientists, and firms of Netherlands and Vietnam, sea level rise due to climate change either causes some challenges or offers opportunities. Should we pay attention to ecological sub-regions, production diversification, inner connection of Mekong Delta and between Mekong Delta with outer cities, we will satisfy new demands. Aquaculture should be developed in combinationwith environment protection and coastal management; shrimp monoculture should be replaced with poly-culture of various species to re-use discharge water, reduce diseases, increase production and income.

Discharge water goes to cultivation areas to revive mangrove forests (by giving nutrition to brackish water) and hold coastal aggradation areas. Besides, products will meet requirements and be granted global certificates for quality and sustainability, helping increase product value in the market.

“Relation between Netherlands and CầnThơ was established on our wishes to look for creative solutions to reduce risks and create opportunities for this land. Netherlands is willing to cooperate with Vietnam to deal with global challenges like climate change and facilitate economic development and sustainable society”, says Embassador Elsbeth Akkerman.


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