200 tons of clam spat found dead in Quảng Ninh

Clam spats were found dead explicably in very few households, but it was estimated to reach 200 tons.

A large amount of clam was found explicably late in farming area of Trần Thị Hiền in village 5, Quảng Điền commune, Hải Hà district, Quảng Ninh province.

Hiền said that she had around 24 ha of clam farming area stocking more than 200 tons of clams in kinds which weighed up to 100 pcs/kg. Since October 18, she found series of clams dead without any reason.

On October 19 when the tide fall, Quảng Điền authorities and and professional officers of Hải Hà district came to Hiền’s farming area to learn the situation and found that clams were dead.

Chairman of Quảng Điền commune People’s committee Nguyễn Quốc Hương said that Hiền’s clam farming area was next to Ghềnh Võ port of Hải Hà district. When dead clams were reported, local authorities came to figure that out in vain. Fortunately, clams in other farming areas are staying alive.

Vice Director of Quảng Ninh provincial Agriculture and Rural Development Department Nguyễn Văn Công said that a working team sent by the Department came to Quảng Điền to take samples for checking. The result would be revealed after two or three days.


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