Philippines Poultry Show & ILDEX Philippines 2023: Embarking on a Journey of Innovation and Excellence

The Philippines Poultry Show & ILDEX Philippines 2023 is opening its doors today, marking the beginning of a momentous event that will showcase the best of the livestock supply chain.

This show also welcomes industry partners as well as the government federation. Senator Cynthia Villar, chairman of senate committee of Agriculture, delivered inspiring speeches, underscoring the importance of the poultry industry and its impact on the national economy. Mr. Gregorio A. San Diego,jr., Chairman of Philippine Poultry Show who shared valuable insights and perspectives on the industry’s future. The Philippines Poultry Show & ILDEX Philippines 2023 is set to be a groundbreaking event, providing a dynamic platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and business opportunities within the poultry industry. With over 100+ esteemed brands in attendance, the exhibition is ready to showcase the latest innovations and services tailored to meet the needs of livestock stakeholders and farm owners in the Philippines. Our team of professionals will be on hand to guide attendees towards the best solutions to address their farm-related challenges.

As part of the VIV worldwide portfolio, ILDEX Philippines remains committed to empowering the livestock industry, supporting its growth, and facilitating sustainable development in the Asia region. Through its global reach and expertise, ILDEX Philippines contributes to the overall success and impact of the VIV worldwide platform, solidifying its position as a leading force in the livestock exhibition landscape. Livestock experts and leading exhibitors have consistently affirmed that ILDEX Philippines serves as the premier marketplace and international business platform for the Philippines market, which is emerging as a new investment destination in Asia.

“We are thrilled by the success of the first-time show in the Philippines and the overwhelmingly positive feedback from the industry. The partnership between ILDEX Philippines and the Philippine Poultry Show has been truly remarkable. Together, we have created a powerful platform that not only strengthens the show but also benefits the Philippine market in multiple aspects. This collaboration has the potential to reshape the poultry industry, driving innovation, fostering partnerships, and ultimately contributing to the growth and prosperity of the Philippine market.” said Mr. Igor Palka, Managing Director of VNU Asia Pacific.

“It’s very exciting for the Philippines poultry and livestock industry to be part of this globally competitive landscape. This is the opportunity for our stakeholders to become engaged and really take advantage of the technological innovations and advancements as they come and reach our shores. With the promising developments in our national economy, coupled with a growing population. This is our chance to emerge as a stronger, more resilient, more sustainable, and more innovative industry.” said Mr. Jose Gerardo Feliciano, Exhibit chairman of Philippine Poultry Show.

For more information and to register for the Philippines Poultry Show & ILDEX Philippines 2023, please visit The onsite registration is available for all visitors.

About ILDEX Philippines:

ILDEX Philippines, the international livestock, dairy, meat processing and aquaculture exposition, has become the leading trade exhibition in the Asia region with strong attendance and plentiful business opportunities. Livestock experts and leading exhibitors have stated that it is the best marketplace and international business platform for the Philippines market.

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