Phú Yên: Guidelines for exporting live lobsters to China

On April 5th, the People’s Committee of Sông Cầu Town (Phú Yên province) collaborated with the National Agro – Forestry – Fisheries Quality Assurance Department – Branch 3 (NAFIQAD 3) to hold a conference to introduce guidelines for exporting live lobsters to the Chinese market.

At the conference, officials from NAFIQAD 3 provided information on the regulations that China requires for exported aquatic products. These include attention to food safety assessment, control of aquatic disease for export, guidance on implementing regulations ensuring food safety, assessment, and issuance of certificates for shipments of live aquatic products to the Chinese market.

Delegates discussed issues such as supporting the issuance of codes for exported lobster products, solutions for exporting lobsters to China, and potential markets for Vietnamese lobster.

Speaking at the conference, Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee of Sông Cầu Town, Lâm Duy Dũng, stated that Sông Cầu possesses favorable geographical location and conditions for the development of lobster farming. In recent years, lobster farming has become a key economic sector, providing stable employment and increasing income for most of the local people.

However, lobster farming currently faces many challenges, and official exportation of lobsters is still limited. This training conference aims to address these challenges for local lobster farmers, facilitating official exports of lobsters.


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