Phú Yên’s lobsters are awarded Geographical Indication Protection Certificate

The Intellectual Property Office (under the Ministry of Technology and Science) has just issued a Decision regarding the certification of Geographical Indication Protection to Phú Yên’s rock lobster.

Deputy Director of the Intellectual Property Office Trần Lê Hồng emphasized that the certification of Geographical Indication Protection to Phú Yên’s rock lobster aims to affirm its value and quality. In his opinion, this is just a commercial indication to boost this product, Phú Yên needs to carry out a general investment into the supply chain of the provincial rock lobster from post larvae, feed, quality, traceability, to market expansion, especially in foreign markets. Beside this, the province needs to work out a solution and strategy to develop its rock lobster and make it a key product in the provincial economic development.

Director of the provincial Department of Technology and Science Dương Bình Phú said that not only does the geographical indication prove the origin of a product but more importantly it brings added value to the producer and helps prevent fake and poor quality products, contributing to the advertisement of local products.

The geographical indication to Phú Yên’s rock lobster will help build awareness of farmers in following the farming procedures, and produce value products, gaining trust from consumers. Phú Yên will continue to review the real potential of development direction and market research and expansion for rock lobster product in the country and abroad in the future.


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