NinhThuan: The area of sweet snails increases due to high demand

Thanks to the good output on the domestic market and stable prices, the area of sweet snails in NinhThuan province has increased again after a time when farmers were not interested in expanding.

According to NinhThuan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, by the end of April, the area of ​​snails stocked in the province is about 60 hectares (estimated harvest is 290 tons), of which 25,7 hectares in NinhHai, the remaining area is almost mostly concentrated in the coastal area of ​​PhuocDinh commune (Thuan Nam). If compared with the same period last year, the farming area increased by 19 hectares, in particular, NinhHai increased by 12,6 hectares (an increase of more than 49%)

According to farmers’ experience, usually sweet snails in the north crop are slower to grow than in the south crop. Sweet snails have a farming time of 7-8 months, although the capital investment is double that of shrimp farming, if the price is right, it will give a higher income and not be afraid of risks due to diseases. As a seafood product with high economic value, in previous years, the price of snails was sold at a commercial price ranging from 230.000 to 320.000 VND/kg (130 pieces/kg). Sweet snails are mainly consumed through export channels to the markets such as China, Taiwan and Japan.

According to farmers, the export market has not yet reopened, but there are still traders coming to buy and consume locally. If last year, COVID-19 broke the export chain, causing sweet snails to struggle, the selling price decreased to only 180.000 – 200.000 VND/kg (100 pieces/kg), now thanks to finding an output in the domestic market, sweet snails tend to increase in price. If the domestic market is stable, farmed snails are no longer in a precarious situation, depending on the export market and sweet snails will become the strength ofNinhThuan province.


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