Hà Tĩnh stocks more than 520 million post larvae for spring-summer crop 2020

The spring-summer crop of shrimp is days away in Hà Tĩnh where the government is planning to stock more than 520 million post larvae.

Deputy Director of Science and Technique appliance and Animal and Plant protection Center in Kỳ Anh town said that local authority planned to stock 85the million post larvae on an 528-hectare farm, mainly white leg shrimp and black tiger shrimp with the vast majority in five prefectures Kỳ Hà, Kỳ Ninh (super-intensive practice), Kỳ Trinh, Kỳ Hưng and Kỳ Nam (extensive farming).

Learning a lesson from the 2019 shrimp crop with early disease outbreak, the town follows up the schedule given by provincial authorities and directs shrimp farms of the tidal area to stock at the beginning of April and on-land farms to stock earlier.

Local farmers are focusing on cleaning the water supply canals, drainage system, settling basin, dredging the pond bottom, and consolidating the edge to prevent the remaining germs and preparing for the new crop.


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