Quảng Ngãi: Aquaculture farmers overcome difficulties

Despite confronting various challenges, aquaculture farmers in the province are currently focusing on reinforcing cages, taking care of fisheries, as well as stocking new seeds to meet the market demand at the end of this year. 

The storm comes when the pandemic is not over yet

Despite the continuing rise in the price of animal feeds and seeds, the selling prices of commercial fishery products have been low since the beginning of 2021. Mr. Trương Văn Duy, at Bình Dương commune (Bình Sơn), said that shrimp farmers had never faced such various difficulties before. Although shrimp reached the harvest time, there were no traders, or the selling prices were low. As a result, the consumption needed to be assisted by local authorities. On average, each household lost a few hundred million VND, making it hard for them to repay the banks.

Lý Sơn farmers raise cobia in cages

Lý Sơn farmers raise cobia in cages. Not only do aquaculture farmers face challenges in consumption as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, but they also suffer losses of hundreds of seafood tons as the storm arrives early. In Bình Sơn district, the flood caused by storm No. 5 and heavy rain has washed away about 350 tons of white leg shrimp and caused damage of more than 45 billion VND. Many households are empty-handed with hundreds of millions of VND in debt.

According to Mr. Lê Văn Phú (Mỹ Huệ 1 village, Bình Dương commune), the recent flood makes his family lose 3 tons of shrimp, equivalent to 300 million VND. There is still nearly 1 ton of shrimp left in the lake, but the traders only buy in moderation at a very low price due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, his family suffers severe loss from the shrimp crop of this year.


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