Respond to the “Clean up the World 2021” campaign

On September 17, the Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment has issued an official dispatch no. 5727/BTNMT-TTTNMT with regard to several activities in response to the campaign named “Clean up the World 2021.” The letter has been sent to other ministries, departments, branches, associations; to the provincial People Committee and central cities.

Specifically, the campaign focuses on some activities, including enhancing tight control on gathering, transporting and treating waste induced in the area legally, tackling all the  problems relating to environmental contamination which directly affect the residents’ lives and livelihoods; accelerating strict supervision and punishment on people who violate the laws concerning the waste treatment and environmental protection; concentrating mainly on hygiene to improve environmental quality in urban and suburban areas in order to actively and effectively support the disease prevention.

The campaign also aims to enhance propagation and education to raise the awareness and responsibility regarding local environmental protection of people and society; promote waste-sorting activities at source, mitigate induced waste, strengthen waste reusing and recycling; avoid using disposable plastic products and hardly degradable plastic bags; encourage people to use and develop environmentally friendly alternatives, and simultaneously propagate the theme, message and activities relating to the campaign.

The campaign itself guides and raises awareness and responsibility of supermarket chains, food supply chains, business owners, grocery stores to reduce the usage of plastic bags, packages and disposable or non-degradable plastic products (plastic straws, styrofoam boxes, plastic cups, etc…) in trading and delivering acts in the area. Moreover, this scheme also enhances using other environmentally friendly alternatives.

“Clean up the World 2021” strengthens the propagation of environment-protecting laws to offices, organizations, businesses and local residents in certain appropriate ways, following the Law of Environment Protection in 2020. In addition, the program enhances several circular economic models, green economies to build and implement socio-economic development in localities.

Press media, radio stations and television programs scale up the number of news, reports, topics, multimedia products concerning the environment-protection activities in order to approach people easily and urge them to follow. Media should specifically focus on spreading central content, following the guidance of the Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment, so as to respond to the campaign named “Clean up the World 2021” nationwide.  

Involved parties ought to introduce outstanding activities and provide people with effective models and solutions to protect the environment. Accordingly, certain groups, businesses, individuals owning certain achievements by appropriately utilizing and managing natural resources, and coming up with pragmatic and effective ideas with respect to environmental protection should be awarded and praised in a timely manner. 

The campaign “Clean up the World 2021” was launched worldwide by the United Nations Environment Programme in the third week of September annually. This campaign aims to inform, raise awareness and call for support from organizations, businesses, individuals, and groups to participate in several activities regarding environmental protection. In the last few years, the campaign launched by the Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment has drawn the attention of other ministries, departments, socio-political organizations, provinces, cities, and millions of people of various classes all over the country.

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