The first aquaculture testing center for free in Quảng Trị

This is the first testing center in the province specializing in checking water quality and testing some diseases that shrimp may infect.

With an aim to develop the provincial shrimp sector to comfort local shrimp farmers in Quảng Trị, figure out the causes of diseases to reduce the disease outbreaks and bring in success to shrimp farmers, Quảng Trị Agriculture Extension Center has been working with Hồ Chí Minh based Toàn Cầu Seafood Co., Ltd to launch the Seafood testing center provided free of charge services for farmers, addressed at No.29, Lý Thường Kiệt Street of Đông Hà city on 06 January 2020.

In 2019, Quảng Trị had 1,260 hectares of shrimp farming areas, producing 5,065 tons of shrimp valued at 914 billion dong. However, weather, environment and disease outbreaks have put challenges on the local shrimp sector. The Center will promptly help shrimp farmers prevent diseases, diagnose and treat the infected shrimp more effectively.

The Center with advanced equipment such as PCR machine, electrophoresis machine and microscope will check water criteria and discover the causes of disease and support shrimp farmers to check pH, ammonia (NH3), NO2 and heavy metal in water.

The clinical examination to detect intestinal disease, liver, Vi-para, EMS, WSSV and EHP. Virus and bacteria will be checked by PCR machine. All results will be made within 15-30 minutes and shrimp farmers will be advised to take suitable measures for prevention and treatment if the results indicate something wrong.


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