Viet Uc – Quang Ninh delivered 7 million of post larvae earlier this year

In the morning of February 06, 2022, a total of 7 million post larvae were packed by Viet Uc – Quang Ninh Co., Ltd for arrival to Thanh Hóa. 

So as to assure the provision of post larvae for industrial shrimp culture inside and outside of the province, Viet Uc – Quang Ninh sent a staff of 36 technicians and workers to work during Tet Holiday.

Phan Văn Lịch, a technician of Viet Uc- Quang Ninh said that it took more than 20 days to produce a new turn of the Leader 21 post larvae, which required the Company to mobilize all the staff to fulfill the mission. Customers from Hải Phòng, Thanh Hóa, Nghệ An, and Thái Bình, with the most of them from Quảng Ninh, placed orders of post larvae at the very beginning of the year, making them try their best in production and fulfilling. 

As many as 50 million post larvae will be delivered to customers inside and outside the province in February by Viet Uc- Quang Ninh.

The Company plans to produce 1.5 billion aquatic breeds in 2022, up 50% from last year. In February 2022 alone, they will deliver 50 million post larvae for industrial shrimp culture inside and outside the province.


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