Vietnam Fisheries Magazine won 2 press achievements of “Lessening sea plastic contamination” in 2021

On the evening of December 10, at the Voice of Vietnam Theater (VOV), 13 best works were granted the “Diminishing Ocean Plastic Pollution” Press Prize in 2021. In which, Thuy Magazine Vietnamese items won 2 prizes in the challenge.

This is the main reporting grant on sea plastic contamination later the Prime Minister gave Decision No. 1407 on August 16, 2021 on supporting the Project that Vietnam effectively gets ready and partakes in understanding structure. The Global Conference on Ocean Pollution and the accomplishment of the Ministerial Conference on Plastic Pollution and Ocean Waste between the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Vietnam and the accomplices of the three nations, Ecuador, the Federal Republic of Germany and Ghana. occurred toward the beginning of September.

Thusly, the honor is increasingly significant, exhibiting the nearby coordination and assurance of press offices, state the executive’s offices and worldwide associations in natural insurance overall.

As indicated by the Organizing Committee, in only 2 months, there were in excess of 200 editorial works by creators from electronic papers and electronic magazines. Passages have great quality substance, rich and various themes, mirroring the flow circumstance of sea plastic contamination and offering answers for improvement. Many works are introduced in a cutting-edge and elaborate way… A few works have shown the creator’s obligation to have noteworthy film, pictures, and novel data.

Through 2 rounds of fundamental and last assessment, the jury has consistently chosen 13 most meriting works as indicated by the standards of content, subject and structure for granted. The main prize was granted to the work “Representation of life: Green island” of VTV electronic paper – Vietnam Television Station; 2 Second prizes were granted for the work “White contamination in oceans and seas: No one’s own concerns” by the Capital Youth Newspaper and the series: “The seabed is drifting a direct result of plastic trash” by Electric Magazine. demise Today; 3 Third prizes were granted to the works: “Tormenting banners about sea plastic waste” – VTC News; “The narrative of battling plastic waste in the good countries” – Tuyên Quang Online Newspaper and “Extraordinary excursion”: 10 days of sans plastic travel of Hanoi’s family” – VOV electronic paper.

Vietnam Fisheries Magazine partook in the challenge with 2 works “Diminishing plastic waste in fish creation” and “Apparition net – Killer of marine biological systems” by columnist Pham Thi Thu Hong.

The work “Diminishing plastic waste in fish creation” won the Consolation prize in the opposition, featuring the truth of plastic waste in hydroponics and fish handling. From that point, it is feasible to do well the issue of diminishing plastic waste in the fish business, getting a handle on the circumstance of plastic use in the fields of creation and handling is particularly vital. Really at that time can the key arrangements be found for the fisheries area to deal with this well.

“Apparition Net – The Killer of the Marine Ecosystem” won the honor for Impressive subject work in the opposition. The article has explained the issue that the deficiency of fishing nets has been causing intense ramifications for marine life species and the marine biological system overall.

Through the program, Vietnam Fisheries Magazine wishes to pass on a solid message about diminishing plastic waste in hydroponics and fish handling specifically and securing the sea overall.

Press grant on “Decreasing sea plastic contamination” co-coordinated by VTC News and the Project Management Board on “Diminishing sea plastic waste in Vietnam”, General Administration of Seas and Islands, Program United Nations Development Program (UNDP-Vietnam) and WWF-Vietnam International Organization for Conservation of Nature (WWF-Vietnam).

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