VietShrimp to be held annually

According to the latest plan, the Vietnam International Shrimp Technology Exhibition (VietShrimp) will be held annually, with the Mekong Delta still being the intimate venue. This year, the exhibition will be organized in Cà Mau, the leading province in terms of shrimp production and farming area.

Having been held four times in 2016, 2018 in Bạc Liêu province, and in 2021, 2023 in Cần Thơ city, VietShrimp has made significant contributions, increasingly affirming its reputation as an exhibition dedicated to Vietnam’s shrimp industry as well as the world. Therefore, the exhibition has always been paid great attention from managers, enterprises, shrimp farmers, and domestic as well as international experts.

2023 was considered a difficult year for the agriculture industry and the shrimp sector, facing both objective and subjective challenges. Domestic production faced challenges from unfavorable weather conditions, high input prices, disease outbreaks, while shrimp selling prices were not high, sometimes hitting bottom levels, causing many farming areas to be “abandoned”. Exports were not as good as expected as most major markets experienced significant declines, resulting in future uncertainty.

According to the statistics of the Directorate of Fisheries, in 2023, the basic shrimp farming area did not increase compared to the previous year, reaching about 737,000 hectares, with a production output of 1.12 million tons; the total export turnover was about USD 3.45 billion, down by 21% compared to the same period in 2022, accounting for over 40% of the total export value of the seafood industry. According to many experts, the situation in 2024 remains unpredictable.

VietShrimp 2024 with the theme “In accompany with shrimp farmers” continues to be a major forum for managers, experts, businesses, and farmers to come together and find effective solutions for Vietnamese shrimp to overcome difficulties, retain growth momentum, and set new records.

VietShrimp 2024 is expected to have about 250 booths from 150 domestic and international enterprises and organizations operating in all fields related to the seafood industry in general and shrimp in particular. Specialized workshops will be held with the participation of many managers, scientists, experts, and dedicated businesses in Vietnam’s shrimp industry.

The early return of the 5th Vietnam International Shrimp Technology Exhibition in 2024 is catching up with the rapid development and changes of the digital technology era, of world science and technology, and is also the desire of numerous businesses, farmers, especially in the context of more initiatives and opinions for the efficient and sustainable development of the shrimp industry are needed.

The exhibition is scheduled to take place over 3 days, from March 20 to March 22, 2024, at the Cà Mau Province Convention Center. Address: No. 1, Lê Duẩn Street, Ward 1, Cà Mau City, Cà Mau Province.


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