Harmful algae blooms in Vân Phong aquaculture area

Khánh Hòa provincial Department of Natural Resources and Environment, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and relevant offices are working together to analyze samples and check aquaculture areas in Vân Phong Bay (Vạn Ninh) after some lobsters and cobias were found dead.

Three samples in different positions are taken from aquaculture area which is 0.6km far away from Đầm Môn port in the east and next to farming area of Sai Gon Pearls Ltd Company and Autralis Vietnam Ltd Company.

The results show normal parameters of degrees, salinity, pH, nutrition salt and Chlorophyll; however high amount of ephemera.

Besides, some types of algae are found in these positions with some harmful ones like Noctiluca scintillans, Tripos furca, Psedo-nitzschia spp, Tripos fusus and Tripos trichoceros. Farmers are given warning to prevent and eliminate risks caused by the blooming of algae in Vân Phong Bay.

Vice manager of Aquaculture Office (Aquaculture Sub-department in Khánh Hòa) Nguyễn Thị Toàn Thư says farmers are requested to observe the development of those algae. They are advised to remove cages to planned areas where farming areas is 8 meters deep once tide goes down and dissolved oxygen is enough for species. Regular checking and cleaning of cages should be carried out to create healthy environment. Farmers must inform organizations and local authorities of irregular events to take immediate prevention and control measures.


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