Vinh Hoan Corporation trials insect-based feed for pangasius fingerlings

Nguyễn Ngô Vi Tâm, CEO of Vinh Hoan Corporation, shared that Vinh Hoan had been feeding pangasius juveniles with insect meal-based diet. The Corporation’s new hatchery produces young fish for their ponds.

The hatchery has been a significant project of Vinh Hoan Corporation for the last few years. The first batches of genetically selected and vaccinated juveniles are ready for shipping to their farms.

Ms Tâm said that those juveniles needed very good care as they were bred with a lot of investments. The survival rate and growth of pangasius fingerlings in Vinh Hoan’s hatchery have been improved. 

Vinh Hoan has cooperated with the insect protein producer Entobel since 2021 with an aim to sustainably alternate fish meal by insect meal.


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