Vĩnh Hoàn launch the project of a new fish oil factory

Vinh Hoan Corporation is making a breakthrough when investing into a new fish oil factory which has production capacity of 100 tons of material per day and will be put into operation in the third quarter of 2020.

This factory is different from others when transferring fish lipid through an entirely automatic system and real time data collection system which provides an accurate result.

The factory is located in the same position with Vĩnh Phước Food subsidiary, where Vinh Hoan Corporation set a target of doubling the production capacity up to 300 tons of pangasius fillet per day in 2020.

However, the CEO of Vinh Hoan Corporation said that they would postpone this plan and enhance Thanh Bình Đồng Tháp facility, a subsidiary that Vinh Hoan bought in 2017.

“Thanh Bình is working at a capacity which is 50% more than last year. The plan of improving treatment capacity of these two subsidiaries depends on the available local labor resources and certainly forecasted turnovers and sales. In the face of unstable situation, we are no rush into investing into fish fillet treatment capacity”.


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