HCM City expects 25 thousand tons of shrimps under global standards by 2020

Office of HCM People’s Committee says that the city is planning for eco-friendly shrimp farming with biosafety, high technology appliance to create high quality products for food safety assurance.

Products meet standards by Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) or Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP). HCM City will work with factories and households to establish cooperatives and artels that provide a large amount of materials and connect material suppliers with processors.

The city expects to reach 5,545 hectares of shrimp farming by 2020 with brackish shrimp area 5,495 ha (Cần Giờ 5,375 ha, Nhà Bè 120 ha), intensive and semi-intensive areas 300 ha, intensive and semi-intensive white leg shrimp 3,012 ha (Cần Giờ 2,892 ha, Nhà Bè 120 ha) and fresh water shrimp (giant river prawn) 50 ha.

Production of farmed shrimps reaches 25,083 tons with brackish water shrimp 25,033 tons (Cần Giờ 23,413 tons, Nhà Bè 1,620 tons) and freshwater shrimp (giant river prawn) 50 tons.

The city plans to reach 5,691 hectares of shrimp farming in the period 2021 – 2025, with brackish water shrimp 5,491 ha (Cần Giờ 5,391 ha, Nhà Bè 100 ha), intensive and semi-intensive giant tiger prawn 500 ha, intensive and semi-intensive white leg shrimp 3,299 ha (Cần Giờ 3,199 ha, Nhà Bè 100 ha) and fresh water shrimp (giant river prawn) 200ha.

Productions of farmed shrimps expects to reach 28,196 tons (Cần Giờ 28,196 tons, Nhà Bè 1,350 tons) and fresh water shrimp (giant river prawn) 200 tons.


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