High-tech tra fish farm launched by Viet Uc Seafood Corporation in An Giang

On December 14, 2018 the opening ceremony of high tech tra fish farm (pangasius) in An Giang by Viet-Uc Seafood Corporation has been launched. It is the first company in Vietnam investing heavily in pangasius fingerlings.

Viet-Uc Seafood Corporation launches a high-tech pangasius production facility in Vĩnh Bường hamlet (Vĩnh Hòa commune, Tân Châu town, An Giang province) and becomes the pioneer of applying high technology into selecting parent pangasius for young fish production.

The facility has 18 houses in 104 ha area, stocking around 3,000 parent pangasius. The corporation plans to sell its fish fries in April 2019 and expects to produce one billion pangasius fingerlings per year. Not only does the corporation produce parent fish, young fish, but also it invests into infrastructure to farm fish fries in plastic houses in the future.

Breed selection program by Viet-Uc Corporation is running efficiently, providing young fish with strong resistance, high survival rate and growth; thus product capacity and quality is enhanced. High-tech pangasius farm in An Giang is officially in operation to become the foundation to boost pangasius industry in Mekong Deltafor sustainability assurance, and promises to enhance Vietnamese fishes.


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