Mebipha: The new key to success

Mebipha is one of the leading veterinary medicine companies of Vietnam. It has recently made an enormous investment in to aquatic veterinary medicine and gained consumers’ trust. The company has thousands of retails and partners in the country. Mebipha’s High – ranking strategy consultant Nguyễn Văn Ngà (photo) is sharing how the company has achieved success in aquatic veterinary medicine.

What achievements did Mebipha got inveterinary medicine and aquatic veterinary medicine?

Mebipha was a small company once founded. In 2012 the company opened a factory which met GMP-WHO standards in veterinary medicine and seafood in Tây Ninh. In 2017, Mebipha invested over 130 billion VMD into another factory with modern equipment which mainly produced Beta lactam. In 2013 and 2018 the company’s products were granted global WHO-GMP by BSI (UK). Today, Mebipha is working with more than 50 globally incredible suppliers, 1,000 domestic partners including feed manufacturers, farming companies and distributors. In the period of 2014 – 2016 the company’s turnover increased by four times.

Why does Mebipha produce aquatic veterinary medicines and finished products?

Once founded, Mebipha started to produce aquatic finished products, but due to lack of sources, we concentrated into veterinary medicines first. After getting some achievements, we came back with aquatic finished products in 2017. As for aquatic veterinary products, Mebipha is not listed in top 10 for its revenue but world-renowned for its high quality.

The mainline among aquatic veterinary products is probiotics products for environment treatment (over 30 varieties) and antibiotic which helps animals raise immunity and farmers get further profit.

GMP-WHO factory of Mebipha

Mebipha aims to sustainable and environmental friendly products?

We implement the Government’s directive to reduce antibiotic using in aquaculture. Our products are granted WHO – GMP. We often hold the workshops to guide customers how to use medicine with high technique and low cost. At present, Mebipha is providing more than 30 products for shrimp industry and 30 products for fish industry. They are incredible to farmers in the Mekong Delta and other provinces.

Some major products of Mebipha?

These are highly evaluated products of Mebipha: Grow One to encourage shrimp’s growth; Mineral to stimulate the process of creating shells and molting of shrimp; Amino Phosphoric to improve liver and kidney of shrimp and fish. Mebipha transfers the global advanced technology and make it suitable for Vietnam’s farming conditions.

May you tell us more about the products which help clean water and protect the environment?

We encourage the using of different kinds of medicines for prevention of drug tolerance. We have Mebi – IODINE which can be put into the water to sanitize the ponds or AQUA CLEAN. Besides, YUCCA can help treat NH3 and H2S.

How does Mebipha develop with medicine and aquatic finished products?

Farmers are using allowed antibiotic for shrimp and fish treatment. However if antibiotic is used one month before harvest, it may remain in the fish or shrimp’s body and the processors will refuse to buy. But if farmers do not use antibiotic, their crop may fail due to disease. Mebipha’s products help treat the water environment and improve the health of animals without using antibiotic.

Medicine and aquatic products industry earn 20 thousand billion dong every year, which is a great opportunity for Mebipha. We are thankful to the farmers as they trust our products and commit to support the further development of Vietnam’s seafood industry.

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