Bến Tre: High risks of disease outbreak in aquatic species

According to Bến Tre’s department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD), in Aug 2020, the disease outbreaks in brackish shrimps were overwhelming. White spot and IHHNV damaged 414.54ha of farmed shrimps.  

Disease outbreak mainly occurred in districts of Bình Đại, Ba Tri and Thạnh Phú. It is shifting to the flood season when the environment is fluctuating and degree reduces, creating a favorable condition for disease outbreak in farmed shrimps, especially, white spot and intestine-related diseases.

The provincial People’s Committee proposed Prime Minister and Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) to consider and provide a support of 50 tons of Chlorine from State reserves for disease prevention on shrimps in 2020. Moreover, DARD has been directed to improve the dissemination and supervision of aquaculture, follow up the local situation to promptly detect and handle epidemic right from the beginning, and distribute Chlorine provided by MARD for disease prevention (50 tons first in 2020).


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