Accompany with shrimp farmers

That is the theme of the VietShrimp Aquaculture International Fair 2024 (VietShrimp 2024), announced by Nguyễn Việt Thắng, Chairman of the Vietnam Fisheries Society and Head of the Organizing Committee of VietShrimp 2024, at a press conference on October 4 at the Cà Mau Province Convention Center. 

The press conference was attended by Dr. Trần Đình Luân, Director of the Department of Fisheries, Cà Mau provincial leaders, and over 20 journalists from central and local media agencies.

In his speech at the beginning of the conference, Nguyễn Việt Thắng mentioned that 2022 was a highly successful year for the shrimp industry, with a farming area of 747,000 hectares, a harvest of over 1 million tons, and export revenue of USD 4.3 billion. However, in 2023, the shrimp industry faced various challenges, particularly in the export market, resulting in a 28% year-on-year decline in export value of the first eight months. To overcome these difficulties, the government has implemented solutions so that the shrimp industry can recover quickly and accelerate once opportunities arise. Although exports faced challenges, the shrimp production in 2023 is expected to be over 1 million tons, and there’s a good sign that shrimp prices are on the rise again.

Phạm Anh Tuấn, Deputy Head of the Sustainable Fisheries Development Division (Vietnam Fisheries Society), shared some new features and themes of VietShrimp 2024. The most noticeable aspect of VietShrimp 2024 is that it will be held for the first time in Cà Mau Province, the largest area with the highest shrimp export value in the country. This demonstrates the organizers’ desire to bring opportunities, techniques, and technology closer to shrimp farmers and all relevant stakeholders in the value chain. In the shrimp value chain, shrimp farmers are the weakest link and the most vulnerable to risks, so seminars during VietShrimp 2024 will focus more on topics related to shrimp farming to help farmers reduce risks and increase efficiency. The decision to make the VietShrimp Aquaculture International Fair an annual event instead of every two years shows that the organizers are meeting the increasing demands of the shrimp industry.

Regarding to the venue of VietShrimp 2024 at his hometown, Châu Công Bằng, Deputy Director of the Cà Mau provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, stated that after four participations, I find the organization and seminar topics to be of high quality and closely related to the shrimp industry’s reality. Therefore, local shrimp farmers and non-governmental organizations that have been supporting the province’s shrimp industry are very interested in this event. Hence, I promise VietShrimp 2024 will have our full support.

Trần Đình Luân, Director of the Department of Fisheries, stated that this event clearly demonstrates the roles and responsibilities of the Vietnam Fisheries Society and the state management agencies towards the shrimp industry and shrimp farmers. The theme of this event is excellent because if we don’t accompany shrimp farmers and leave them alone with long-term inefficient production, the entire shrimp industry value chain will collapse. Therefore, by gathering experts at this event, it will provide significant support for shrimp farmers to reduce risks and achieve higher efficiency. The Vietnamese shrimp industry has a tremendous opportunity compared to other countries, so I believe that our shrimp industry will develop sustainably. Furthermore, we always know how to work together to make the shrimp industry thrive.

VietShrimp 2024 is scheduled to take place from March 20 to March 22, 2024, at the Cà Mau Province Convention Center, 1 Le Duan Street, Ward 1, Cà Mau City, Cà Mau Province. The event is expected to have around 250 booths from over 150 domestic and international entities involved in all fields related to fisheries and shrimp sector.


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