Binh Thuận to commit to produce qualified post-larvae

This commitment was conduced by relevant parties. Accordingly, BìnhThuận Shrimp Association and NinhThuận Aquatic Breeding Association commit to produce and nurse brackish shrimps for quality assurance.

Bình Thuận Shrimp Association and Ninh Thuận Aquatic Breeding Association commit to produce and nurse brackish shrimps for quality assurancerecently.

Perform fully requirements of production facilities and nursery upon Article 24 of Fisheries Law 2017 and Article 20 of Decree no.26/2019/D-CP dated March 08, 2019. Produce aquatic species that are named in the list of allowed species for business in Vietnam. Public the requirements and suitability with national technique standards in accordance with requirements of standards, specifications, and product quality. Apply quality control system to assure that products satisfies any public requirement. Brackish shrimps must be qualified to enter markets.

Follow regulations of broodstocks upon Article 10 of Circular no.26/2018/TT-BNNPNT dated November 15, 2018. Label brackish shrimps in accordance with legal regulations and declare the quarantine of brackish water upon legal regulations of veterinary. Follow inspection and examination procedures conducted by authorized agencies. Record and preserve documents during production and nursery of post larvae for traceability. Report must be carried out as Item 4 of Article 15 of Circular no.26/2018/TT-BNNPTNT dated November 15, 2018.

In 2019, central and local agencies, companies and residents might face challenges due to changes in management method upon regulations of Fisheries Law 2017 and instruction document, but this is an important foundation for them to enhance their management and creates opportunities for legal companies to develop and enhance quality of post larvae, meeting radical demand of farmers.


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