Diversification in exploitation to enhance pangasius value

In the afternoon on February 17, a delegation of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development led by Minister Nguyễn Xuân Cường came to see the high-tech pangasius farming area and visit leading producers and processors in AnGiang.

The delegation visited a high-tech pangasius farming area in Bình Phú commune, Châu Phú district and in Mỹ Thạnh ward of Long Xuyên city. The 600ha area can produce around 360 million high quality pangasius fish fries and 200,000 tons of material pangasius.

They worked with leaders of AnGiang and representatives of companies. In his speech, Minister Cường said: “If high tech is applied in the whole system of pangasius farming, two key factors which are fish fries and water environment will be no longer a problem of the industry. Vietnam’s pangasius value will be enhanced”.

He confirmed that pangasius industry is one of Vietnam’s strength, An Giang is supposed to create favorable conditions for companies to apply advanced technology in nursering young pangasius in accordance with 4.0 revolution. This is a vital action to create a qualified product that meet increasingly high demand of food safety and hygiene.

Minister required a special attention to diversification in exploitation to enhance panagasius value. “Vietnam has much potential in pangasius industry”, he said, “we need to advertise the trademark and nutritious value in order to bring our products to each family’s meal and tourist destination”.

He asked companies to research and practice ell farming in the mud at the bottom of pangaius ponds. This will help companies raise their income and open a new way for Vietnam’s aquaculture in the future.


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