Earn billions dong from bivalve seed production

Starting up his business with one facility of eight hatcheries of oyster larvae, Vy is now managing 160 hatcheries which provide around 2.5 billion of oyster seed to the market every year. Vy can earn one billion dong from oyster seed production after interest.

The seafood center, which islocated in Ward 12, VũngTàu city (Bà Rịa – VũngTàu) and specialized in producing spats, is owned by Trần Văn Vỵ . Besides Pacific oyster seed production, he studies and succeeds in farming tugrid venus clam. Most of farmers in Long Sơn commune and Hội Bài area of Tân Hải commune are buying larvae and seeds from Vỵ.

He quitted his job in National Breeding Center for Southern Freshwater Aquaculture to build his own production facility of pacific oysters. Despite having experiences in bivalve seed production, he faced some challenges and failed some times before mastering technical procedures (including seed transplantation and biomass of single-celled algae to produce feed for oyster larvae).

After his success in oyster production, he continued to study turgid venus clam. It is a new species with high economic value and being farmed in cages because of simple farming, short grow-out cycle and little capital.

Vỵ said that turgid venus clam larvae live all around the surface water, but once turning into one-level seeds, they will live at the bottom of the cages and like being covered with sand. Learning this grow out characteristics, Vỵ came to Khánh Hòa and Ninh Thuận and selected 15 kg of parent clams (size 30 pc/kg). After larvae were born, they were moved to hatchery facilities until they grow up as one-level seeds. Currently he has around three million one-level seeds that might be sold at 15 dong/pc (some time 45 dong/pc). After interest, he may earn 35 million dong.

“To produce bivalve seeds you have to spend the most on buying adult clam. As algae can be produced myself, the higher rate of survival they reach, the more profit we will earn”, said Vỵ.



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