Establish Bạc Liêu shrimp society

The first general meeting, period 2020-2025, of the Bạc Liêu’s shrimp society was officially held on October 10, 2020.

An Executive Committee of 37 members, a Standing Committee of 9 members and a Permanent Committee of 4 members were elected in the meeting. Tạ Hoàng Nhiệm (former Director of Bạc Liêu provincial Department of Home Affairs) was voted to be the Chairman.

During the meeting, the Regulation of the Society was ratified and main tasks and directions were given. The significant content is to research and adopt a solution to enhance the Society’s role in connecting the production and business between the shrimp sector and other fisheries sector, so that the Society can play as a bridge connecting its members with local authorities, presenting the rights of fishermen, protecting the rights of members as well as commenting and giving feedback to the competent authorities so that they will finalize policies and create favorable conditions for investors in the shrimp sector.

The establishment of the Society has been carried out for more than one year upon the consolidation of the Bạc Liêu provincial Fisheries Association which was renamed as Bạc Liêu Shrimp society. There are now 219 households, facilities and companies related to shrimp cultivation, processing and trading on a large scale participating into the Society.

In his speech at the General Meeting, Chairman of Bạc Liêu’s People’s Committee Dương Thành Trung affirmed the necessity of establishing Bạc Liêu Shrimp Society that aims to gather, cooperate, connect and improve the sustainability in production, business, promoting the existing strength of more than 100,000ha of shrimp farm, bringing in an estimated worth of $800 million from exporting shrimp in 2020, and developing Bạc Liêu to become a shrimp capital of the country.


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