Hòa Lộc commune to build an effective aquaculture system

Hòa Lộc commune in Hậu Lộc district has changed 8.8ha of low-efficiency salt field into ponds to rear white leg shrimp, black tiger shrimp, and grouper. In which, 3.6ha is subject to high-tech application.

Farmer Đỗ Văn Hải in Bái Trung village accepted to use the commune’s 2.7ha salt field to produce two – three crops of white leg shrimp per year. His farming ponds are applied VietGAP high technology. The use of plastic-lined ponds can significantly improve production efficiency.

There are totally 97ha of aquaculture area in Hòa Lộc commune with nearly 70 households (150 farmers) participating. Average income of shrimp farmers ranges from 150 million VND to 200 milion VND/ha/crop. This change has provided hundreds of seasonal job to local farmers. Tens of households in the commune, who have raised their income from aquaculture, have experience, technique, and capital for investing into sewer construction, pond improvement, and qualified post larvae selection.

During spring-summer shrimp crops in 2019, salt-contaminated are and low-efficiency salt fields continued to be changed into mixed farming model like rice-fish while white leg shrimps are developed with high-tech appliance. The places, which are not satisfied for industrial aquaculture, will be used for rotation or intercropping of greasyback shrimp, crab, fish and some new species.


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