Cà Mau: Super-intensive farming makes 50 tons of shrimp per hectare of crop

Super-intensive model of shrimp farming is developing in Cà Mau, averagely output between 30 and 50 tons per hectare of  breeding crop.

After some trials and development in years, so far Cà Mau is cultureing shrimp under the super-intensive farming in over 1,800 hectares with 85% of success rate, contributing 15% into total cultivated shrimp productivity of the province. The super-intensive system is expected to reach 5,000 hectares in 2020 and 10,000 hectares in 2030.

However, 50% of this system in Cà Mau does not satisfy required farming conditions. Farmers are facing with high cost of input material and low selling price from either traditional farming or super-intensive system. Besides, people’s awareness of discharge water treatment and farming infrastructure are making it difficult to develop the super-intensive system.

Head of Agriculture and Rural Development Office Phạm Văn Den in Phú Tân District instructed local farmers to use super-intensive system in planned area. “We should pay attention to concentrated shrimp farming and arrangement for super-intensive system where power is fully supplied. Farmers must not cultivate shrimp in unplanned area where farming conditions are not good enough. Water discharge treatment and people’s awareness are affecting the local environment”, said Den.


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