Khanh Hoa province has 538 hectares of freshwater fish farming

According to statistics of the Fisheries Department, at present, the whole province has 538 hectares of freshwater aquaculture.

Farming area concentrated mainly in small ponds and lakes of households or on water surface of irrigation works in localities: Vạn Ninh, Ninh Hòa, Diên Khánh, Cam Lâm, Cam Ranh… People choose to raise mainly tench, driftfish, carp, tilapia…

The production of freshwater fish in the province is not high, only 60 tons in 2020, mainly for consumption in the province and some neighboring provinces. In 2021, freshwater fish farmers in the province strive for the output of 100 tons, including 20 tons of tilapia, red snapper, 80 tons of all kinds of tench, carp…


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