Bình Định: Develop commercial crab farming

Commercial crab farming has been carried out by Bình Định Agriculture Extension Center since 2017, bringing high economic efficiency.

From what has achieved, the Center continued to develop 5,000-square-meter farming in Tuy Phước district. Đỗ Văn Thiết living in Lộc Hà hamlet, Phước Thuận commune is participating into this farming, and funded 100% of breeding stock and 30% of materials and feed. He is also trained with farming technique of commercial crab. The Center supplies crabs, which are healthy, disease free, bright colored, between 0.5 and 0.7 cm long and stock at density of two crabs per one square meter. After four months, crab survival rate achieves 40% with average weight of 250g/crab, yield of 1,000 kilogram and estimated productivity of two tons per one hectare. The crabs are sold at averagely 150,000 dong per one kilogram. Net profit is estimated 30 million dong.

According to Đỗ Văn Thiết, local conditions and climate are suitable for commercial crab farming. With high quality breeding stock, crab farming will surely bring high economic efficiency to people in Bình Định.


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