Long An: Expect an abundant crop of shrimp on Tet Holiday

Since earlier this year, Long An has stocked shrimp in 550 ha of land, with 48ha of black tiger shrimp and 502 ha of white leg shrimp, equal to 85% of the 2022 plan (6,455 ha) and 107.8% of the same period last year. A total of 245 ha was harvested with the average productivity of 3 tons/ha and the total output of 740.7 tons, reaching 4.7% of the plan and 115.7% of the same period last year.

According to the Office of Agriculture and Rural Development of Cần Đước district the increase in shrimp prices, up to 180,000 dong/kg (40 count shrimp) at their highest price, drove local farmers to stock. In Cần Đước district, most of shrimp farmers are cleaning grow-out ponds to prepare for the new crop. The province is developing policies to support shrimp production with an aim to have 1,400 ha of shrimp and produce 4,500 tons of shrimp in 2022. Hitech shrimp farming models are being implemented.

Farmer Nguyễn Văn Bình, in Đông Trung hamlet of Tân Chánh commune, Cần Đước district, said: “Shrimp farmers faced lots of difficulties in sales during the pandemic. However, after wholesale markets were open and prices inched up, farmers determined to stock shrimp. My family has two shrimp ponds, one in preparation for stocking and one being filled with 45-day-old shrimp which are about to be harvested in the next ten days. I hope prices will be stable then”.

According to local farmers, shrimp prices usually increase at the end of the year, resulting in a reasonable hope of an abundant crop. Farmer Ân, in Nhựt Ninh commune of Tân Trụ district, has stocked shrimps in a 1.2 ha pond since mid-October to prepare for the harvest in the run up to Tet holiday. In his opinion, prices of white leg shrimp are high, particularly, 40 count shrimp are sold at 165,000-175,000 dong and 100 count shrimp are sold at 107,000-120,000 dong. Accordingly, farmers can earn 30,000-90,000 dong/kg profit, up to sizes. Ân is expected to harvest 12-15 tons of shrimp to provide the market on Tet Holiday.

Farmer Bảnh, in Nhựt Ninh commune of Tân Trụ district, said that for a successful crop, he carried out careful treatment, especially the bottom of the pond, before stocking. “We are counting on the harvest before Tet holiday to compensate for what was sold cheaply during the pandemic. I hope that the weather is favorable and prices are high so that farmers will feel assured to rear shrimps and invest into the next crop”, said Bảnh.


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