Bình Định: Apply high tech in shrimp farming

Bình Định province is focusing on applying high tech in shrimp farming which is a breakthrough in local aquaculture and brings considerable benefits to farmers.

Due to limited farming ponds, local authorities have called for investment into high technology to increase product value. Viet-Uc Seafood Corporation is investing advanced technology into producing high quality shrimp which meet strict requirements of Australia and Japan.

High tech shrimp farming complex of Viet-Uc Seafood Corporation was launched in Mỹ Thành commune (Phù Mỹ district) in October 2015, and two greenhouses with one hectare each have just been put into use for super-intensive farming. Director of Viet-Uc Seafood Corporation in Bình Định said that these two greenhouses were used imported materials and completed by 2017 with 8-9 billion VND invested in each. There are 14 ponds in one greenhouse covered 500 square meters each. Generator system, water treatment pond… are concluded in the work.

Shrimps have been farmed in six ponds since early 2018. Stocking densities range from 300 to 500 postlarvae per meter. Four ponds were harvested with two tons per each which is 5 or 7 times higher than normal. Thus, farmers harvested 40 tons per hectare per crop.

“We used probiotic and biological products so that our shrimp assess high quality and satisfy strict markets i.e. Australia and Japan. With greenhouse system, we can control temperature, light, salinity and other technical parameters. Besides, we invested an auto feeding system which has a sensor put under the water to draw the shrimp when appetite, and then feed shrimp. Thanks to that, we can save much feed and prevent water from being polluted”, said Hưng.

Hưng said the Corporation will build eight more pawn greenhouses with the same system by the end of 2018 and expects to implement ten more in 2019. The corporation plans to build a feed processing plant so that this will become a close complex of high technology farming which is concluded in the project submitted to Agriculture and Rural Development and Prime Minister by Province People’s Committee. One feed processing plant was completed in Mỹ Thành, funded 150-200 billion VND with capacity of 100 thousand tons per year.

“After greenhouses, we will apply online environment monitoring system. We will set up sensors under the water to detect missing technical parameters so that we can adjust immediately”, said Hưng.


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