Ninh Thuận: A fisherman succeeds in artificial breeding squids

A fisherman in Ninh Thuận has just achieved success in commercially rearing and breeding wild-caught squids.

Farmer Nguyễn Bá Ngọc in Nhơn Hải commune of Ninh Hải district, Ninh Thuận province, said that because of huge and increasingly higher consumption, cuttlefish resources will be exhausted if there isn’t any rehabilitation measure. Thus, he has started to study how to rear squids since 2021. He invested into a semi-natural tank of 2.300m² in C3 zone of Nhơn Hải commune, Ninh Hải district, Ninh Thuận province).

He earned success in artificially breeding squids in 2023. After being caught, squid are transported to the tank for culture until they weigh up and can lay eggs which will be shipped to the hatchery facility. When squid babies are 25 – 30 days old, they will be brought back to the sea for commercial culture.

Ngọc can provide 300 – 500 kg of commercial live squids to the market, even 1 – 2 tons at the peak season. The price ranges between 250,000 and 350,000 dong/kg. If the market price is down, cuttlefish can be reared further in the tank until the price is better because feed cost is not too much.

Ngọc said that he will multiply this semi-natural farming model in a 40,000 area and recruit more fishermen in Ninh Thuận to work for him so that they can secure livelihood.


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