Nghệ An plans to devote 1,350 hectare to shrimp farming for first crop

1,350 hectares will be devoted to shrimp farming in Nghệ An province, of which 550 hectares are in Hoàng Mai commune, nearly 500 hectares are in Quỳnh Lưu commune and the rest are in Diễn Châu, Nghi Lộc district and Hưng Hòa commune. Shrimp output of the whole province is target to reach 6,500-6,800 tonnes in 2017.

This year, shrimp farmers in Nghệ An province seed their pond earlier than previous years. So, from Luna New Year, the farmers treated their pond promptly, except the ponds areas which devoted to shrimp farming for third crop. Seeding shrimp ponds for first crop has been begun since February 2nd and are being done in Quỳnh Lưu, Nghi Lộc. However, farmers are suggested not to stock shrimp seeds in June lunar month by Provincial Agricultural Department because leap year comes on June, hot weather will affect the growth and health of shrimp.

Shrimp seed producers in the province plans to supply more than 1.2 billions PL that can meet the farmers’ demand. Shrimp seed quality management are promoted by local authorities; shrimp brood-stock must has traceable origin and assured quality.

Mai Anh

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