Quảng Trị: Risks of short supply of fish fries

Heavy rain and flash floods in October 2020 have seriously damaged production and nursery facilities in Quảng Trị province. A large number of fish fries, especially freshwater fish are in a serious short supply.

Trần Kim Quang, owner of a large-scale baby fish nursery facility in Long Hưng of Hải Phú commune, Hải Lăng district said that the flash floods wiped away more than two tons of fish fries, including tilapia, black carp, bream, catfish, and silver pomfret, leaving a damage of around 100 million dong. “His facility is importing fries from southern provinces to stock them in nursery ponds within 10-15 days so that they will get used to local environment conditions before being sold to local farmers. As for seeds already nursed in his ponds, he can start selling after January 2021”, said Quang.

His neighbor, Văn Đức Hoàng, said that the flash floods wiped away nearly 70 thousand fish fries and 1 ton of commercial fishes, leaving a damage of over 100 million dong. In Hoàng’s opinion, local farmers start stocking freshwater fishes in late October; however such damage may result in a serious short supply of fries in the run-up to a new crop. “I have to wait until after Tet Holiday to recover my productivity. This is what happens to the province’s private broodstock facilities”, said Hoàng.

Nguyễn Hữu Vinh, Director of the province’s center of broodstocks, said that due to the impact of flash floods and storm no.9 in Oct 2020, the Trúc Kinh freshwater breeding center, Cửa Tùng brackishwater breeding center and Hiền Lương broodstock testing nursery facility are suffering serious damages from landslides. The Trúc Kinh freshwater broodstock lost nearly 2,000kg of broodstocks. Moreover, over 770 thousand tilapia seeds were wiped away, leaving an estimated damage of 35 million dong. In Vinh’s opinion, it is so difficult to overcome consequences as it will take 1-2 years to rear such a large amount of broodstocks.

Deputy Head of the Agriculture and Rural Development of Hải Lăng district Đào Văn Trẫm said that with more than 450 ha of freshwater fish farming area, around 700 thousand fish fries will be required. Meanwhile, on-spot broodstocks are in serious short supply.

In his opinion, to meet this demand, local farmers and broodstock production facilities must import broodstocks from other provinces. This will result in difficulties in assuring the quality of broodstocks and controlling diseases.


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