The Mekong Delta: Engaged in 3 Hi-tech stages, size of 15 count shrimp achieved

The CPF Combine shrimp farming model by C.P. Vietnam is spreading across various shrimp farming regions due to its risk reduction, large shrimp size achievement, and increased profitability.

Ngô Minh Tuấn is a farmer spending many years in shrimp farming in Phú Thạnh commune, Tân Phú Đông district, Tiền Giang province. Previously, his family practiced traditional industrial shrimp farming with limited efficiency.

In 2015, Tuấn began a trial with high-tech shrimp farming, achieving significantly higher economic efficiency compared to traditional methods by reducing risks and increasing productivity. Since then, he has fully transitioned to high-tech shrimp farming using the CPF Combine model by C.P. Vietnam. In addition to shrimp farms following the CPF Combine model, recently,  Tuấn has invested in shrimp farming using the CPF Combine House model (indoors). In 2022, his farm achieved shrimp sizes of 14.2 shrimp/kg. The larger shrimp sizes allowedTuấn to sell at higher prices, while reducing costs compared to before.

Recently, many shrimp farmers in the Mekong Delta have successfully achieved the 15 count shrimp size by applying CPF Combine 2.0 or CPF Combine House farming models. Boonlap Watcharawanitchakul, Senior Deputy General Director of C.P. Vietnam, stated that the number of customers raising shrimp to a size of 15 shrimp/kg is increasing each year. In 2021, there were 21 customers, in 2022, there were 28 customers, and in 2023, there were 38 customers.

The CPF Combine shrimp farming process has been implemented by C.P. Vietnam since 2015. In the CPF Combine system, shrimp are raised following the 3C process, meaning “3 clean” (clean shrimp, clean water, and clean pond bottom). The system utilizes Probiotic Farming (enhancing beneficial bacteria and limiting harmful bacteria), with environmental factors being monitored daily and adjusted promptly.


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